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Step Up New 2M+ 250ml adjustable flow

299.000 VNĐ
Product Code 113806
Brand Chicco
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Step Up New 2M+ 250ml adjustable flow
Step Up New 2M+ 250ml adjustable flow

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Product's Information

1. Step Up New Bottles is engineered to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of babies. Three distinct nipple shapes adapt to the specific needs of growing babies as the natural suck-swallow action develops.

2. The Step up 2M+ comes with a medium flow nipple and the larger bottle for growing appetites. The angle of the nipple encourages proper positioning and neck support of baby for feeding. This angle also keeps the nipple full of milk, helping to reduce the chance of baby swallowing air.

3. Unique angled nipple with wider, rounded base for proper neck positioning.

4. Twin anti-colic valves help prevent air ingestion, gas and spit-up.

5. Flexors at the base of the nipple enhance elasticity.

6. Internal ridges prevent nipple collapse.

7.Soft, flexible nipple mimics mother’s breast.

8. Soft silicone is easy for baby to latch onto.

9. BPA Free

10. Clinically Test

11. Designed for babies 2 months+

12. Made in Italy


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