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Puresteam Cooker colors Chicco

2.760.000 VNĐ
4.600.000 VNĐ
Product Code 113607
Brand Chicco
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Puresteam Cooker colors Chicco
Puresteam Cooker colors Chicco
Ministry comes with the product include:
1. 01 books manuals
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3. Stamps genuine product
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Product's Information

1. Puresteam Cooker is a kitchen appliance that is ideal for preparing healthy and natural baby food.
2. Choose the meat, fruit or vegetables your baby prefers. Then, with the “Intense Steam Cooking Method“ you can cook the food while preserving all its nutritional ingredients and flavour.
3. Moreover, this food processor makes the food easier to digest because its blades, which are specially designed to reduce air bubbles, blend food homogeneously. 
4. Recipe Book included 
5. Made in Italy


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